Türkiye is the geographical, historical and cultural center of the region.

Türkiye has above average figures of waste production in both urban waste and industrial waste in the region due to its urbanization rate, population of 80 million and rate of industrialization.

Regulations, implementations and investments in environmental technologies, which especially increased after the opening of the environment chapter and were initiated within the scope of European Union discussions after December 2009, helped to increase the standing of Türkiye in world rankings.

Türkiye is targeting exports of 500 billion USD in its development projections for 2023. It will have a much greater need for the use of environmental technologies due to the renewal of existing industrial facilities, capacity increases and the opening of new facilities.

The conditions for investment are encouraging for environmental technologies and the renewable energy sector in Türkiye. In addition to the existing investment opportunities in the areas of waste management, water & wastewater and environmental consultancy, growth is expected also in the areas of controlling air and marine pollution.

To increase the level of waste treatment in Türkiye, there are plans to increase solid waste storage areas and solid waste processing equipment sufficiently and to use more advanced technology. Construction of new water treatment plants and renewal of existing ones is on the agenda for areas that include almost half the population. In addition, many companies that produce waste are looking for waste treatment solutions.

Turkish companies in the sector of environmental technologies are seeking technology transfer, company mergers and joint ventures for financing, experience and expertise.

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